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SenderCAN® Plus

SenderCAN® Plus

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Our upgraded line of I/O modules designed to simplify data integration with your rugged applications.

Power Supply & Analog Inputs
Power Supply:

  - Operating Voltage: 7-35 VDC
  - Nominal Current: 30-40 mA
  - Sleep Mode: Not Available

Analog Inputs:
  - 12 Bit A/D Converter, 4096 bits resolution
  - 4 Configurable Inputs (Digital/Resistive/Voltage/Current)
Resistance Mode:
    - Range: 0 to 10K ohm, 1K ohm internal pullup
    - Resolution: 0-1K ohm (1 ohm), 1-5K ohms (5 ohms), 5-10K ohms (15 ohms)
Voltage Mode:
    - Low Range: 0-4.6Vdc, 1.2mV resolution
    - High Range: 0-32Vdc, 8mV resolution
Current Mode:
    - Range: 0-23mA, 0.006mA resolution
    - 4-20mA mode with 200 Ohm Shunt Resistor

Digital & Frequency Inputs
Digital Inputs:
  - Configurations: Open, Closed to B+, Closed to B-
  - Switch Current: 3mA @ 12Vdc, 10mA @24Vdc (Closed to Battery Positive), 5mA @12Vdc, 5mA @24Vdc (Closed to Battery Negative)

Frequency Inputs:
  - Optically Isolated: 3Vrms Min, 30Vrms max, 30Hz – 10Khz
  - Compatible Sensors: Magnetic Pickup, Alternator, Hall Effect

Digital Outputs & CAN Communications
Digital Outputs:
  - 2 Low-side FETs: 250mA Max
  - Configurable: CAN Message or Fault Status controlled
  - PWM Control: 3.9Khz frequency, 0-100% duty cycle

CAN Communications:
  - 1 CAN Port: J1939 Protocol
  - 120 ohm termination resistor (software selectable)
  - Programmable: Firmware and configuration via CAN using E-Com cable

Lead times vary from 7 to 14 days + shipping.

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